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Contact us as early as possible. Failure to report a fault or damage that leads to further damage, may invalidate insurance compensation, and you will be held responsible for all damage caused by the delay. As our tenant you have easy access to plumber, electrician, and janitor services.

In case of fault or damage

If you discover any fault or damage in the apartment this must be reported to us immediately. As a tenant you are still required to do as much as you can to prevent economic loss as consequence of damage that may occur. Smaller maintenance jobs, such as maintenance of locks, toilets, electrical sockets and switches etc. are the tenant’s responsibility. If in doubt, contact us.

Contents insurance? Subletting? Termination of the tenancy agreement?

The landlord has property insurance, but tenants are responsible for insuring their own personal belongings. Subletting is not allowed without the lessor’s prior permission. Notice to terminate the tenancy agreement must be given in writing. The period of notice of termination is 3 months after the end of the month that notice is given.

Is the tenant allowed to make changes to the apartment?

If the tenant wishes to paint or make other changes, they must first obtain written permission from the landlord.

Is the tenant responsible for maintenance?

The tenant must at their own expense maintain locks, keys, window panes, taps, wash basins, toilet bowls with seats, lids, and cisterns, hot water tanks, bathtubs, electrical stoves, lamp domes, electrical sockets, switches, and fuses, and unblock pipes up to the water trap, among other things. The tenant must likewise maintain cables. If the tenancy agreement has lasted more than 6 years, the tenant is responsible for indoor maintenance including painting of and within the walls surrounding the apartment. Painting must be done with the same colours as previously used in the apartment. The same is valid for interior doors and the door to the inward facing part of a balcony, terrace, or veranda.

Can I postpone rental payment?

As a lessor we depend on tenants paying in accordance with the agreement and will therefore not allow postponed payments.


Bathroom drains and drains from kitchen sinks and wash basins must be cleaned when necessary. A lot of hair, grease, and dirt is accumulated in drains, and this must be physically removed by removing the covering. This is the responsibility of the tenant. Should insufficient maintenance lead to leaks, blocked pipes etc. the tenant will be charged for this.

Cupboard doors & Handles

In the case of a loose cupboard door or similar it is normally easy to tighten the screws of the hinge or handle. If a lock should become stuck, use an appropriate lock oil.

Taps, Shower heads, & Water

Visible pipes underneath the kitchen sink and wash basins must be manually tightened at least once a year. Some dripping taps you can try to tighten yourself. The same goes for the shower head in the bathroom.

Airing & Ventilation

It is highly important to air out the apartment regularly in order to maintain a good indoor climate and prevent the development of dampness, mold, and eventually rot. In winter it may be necessary to do a “shock airing” – open the windows fully for two minutes. Always keep at least two air vents open to ensure good air circulation. This is necessary all year round.

Fire prevention & Housing cooperatives

Check the batteries of the smoke alarm at least once a year. Turn the fire extinguisher upside-down once a year and ensure that the arrow is in the green area. Litter must not be placed in corridors or common areas, and the housing cooperative’s house rules must be kept.

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